Finkelstein Dissects Another Dershowitz Bull

Follow the links in the op-ed...

Finkelstein, as anyone who's read his books or articles knows, is neither a self-hating Jew nor an anti-Semite. He's just unafraid to take on taboo issues, and he's infuriating because he is such a good academic excavator. He reads and follows up on footnotes, for example. He exposed Joan Peters' From Time Immemorial, and then (surprise, surprise) Dershowitz's work, itself based on From Time Immemorial.

It's simply not factually true that he's a pariah in academic circles: Raul Hilberg, Sara Roy -- well, go look at his blurbs.

But he does piss off the AIPAC-lovin' types. I, for one, enjoy watching them squirm.

As for "the Big Lie," Dershowitz has got that down pat. He is a clown; why Gould gave him the time of day is one of those mysteries I'll never figure out.