Bolton admits Lebanon truce block

Who's using whom, huh? If I were an Israeli, I'd be furious right now. So, the US has blocked both a deal with Syria and a speedy cease-fire in Lebanon last summer. In the former case, they scuppered a potential deal. In the latter, they gave Israel time to destroy, well, lots of southern Lebanon.

We need to break free from Israel, yes. Looks to me as though Israel needs to break free from us just as much. More accurately, the nutjob elites in both the US and Israel need to be thrown out of power, and both nations desperately need to get their diplomatic shit together and simply solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue -- based on Geneva, the Arab League's 2002 plan, and whatever else -- ASAP. Plans abound. Let's get a move on, already!


  1. Hi there Doug,

    I found the link to The Trial of Tony Blair. (I mentioned it in the Pinter thread....)

    Just scroll down to the obvious posting...



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