Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose Iraq War |

Good! This is known as "the difference between elite and non-elite views." At least I hope so. This was done by Gallup.

Even better: Poll: Attachment of U.S. Jews To Israel Falls in Past 2 Years. From the Jewish Daily Forward.

I'm looking for the actual poll at; not sure if it's accurate or not...


The Forward-reported poll was done by Steven M. Cohen, who seems like a respectable sociologist to me, if an interested one (and who isn't?). In fact, since his interests seem to lie against the trend he's noted -- especially given his status with UJC, I'd give them more credence. Or less, if this is part of a funding drive! Judge for yourself -- all I know is, in 2003, he noted that younger American Jews tended to be more conservative. Now, the same cohort is more conservative but less supportive of Israel (in the "identification" sense)? Could be, could be.