On India’s Growing Violence: ‘It’s Outright War and Both Sides are Choosing Their Weapons’

Arundhati Roy interviewed by Shoma Chaudhury.

Why doesn't Thomas Friedman write about this stuff? Yes, a rhetorical question.


  1. Why doesn't Friedman write about this? Because, simply, India isn't on the flat side of the earth!

    Hey Dug, this is my most favorite review. Of anything. At anytime.


    Flathead: The Peculiar Genuis of Thomas L. Friedman

    Ask D -- the tiny thoughts of Friedman annoy me more than anything. I abhor him. So... seeing his name on your frontpage... well, had to respond.

    Re this news article, can you believe that an unstable third world nation has all of our jobs and all of the financial info on Americans (they even process federal tax returns!)??

  2. People need to realize that there is an investment class that runs things in all nations, and across nations.

    Friedman is an idiot, unlike Taibbi, and that's a great article.

  3. But, the investment class is just a servant to the few who really run things: Federal Reserve. Trilateral Commission. And probably some groups we have never heard of. Scary.

  4. I think the institutions you mention, among others, are the ruling, investing class (or classes); yes, they are truly scary.


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