Terrorized by 'War on Terror' - washingtonpost.com

By Zbigniew Brzezinski

Where is the leader to stand up and say this, indeed? We have them -- Kucinich is one -- but they are ridiculed by the corporate/state-owned media. It's called fascism, kids, and those of us who warned of this on 9/12/01 and since, and were vilified or laughed at, take little solace in having been correct.

Here's a not-unrepresentative response in the comments to this article. I happen to agree, descriptively, that the US is one 9/11 away from the kind of fascist state "actability" would, normatively, like to see:

I guess the same thing could of been said Mr. Brzezinski about another three words, Remember Pearl harbor but then again I doubt at that time your treason would have been so accepting.... Better get out of the way Brzezinski, Americans are fast coming to the point they will string up traitors like you who are working overtime to have them killed. It is only another 9-11 away..you are a mindless moron

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