Looks Like We're Replacing Our H-Bombs...

Exactly the wrong thing to do.

Note the language of this article: are we all living in a fucking dreamworld, or what? More like a necropolis, under continual, apparently unstoppable construction. Yay! I can't wait for death to kindly stop for us!

Compare headline, "subtitle," and first half of article to the second half. What should have been the headline, in a sane world? Why didn't the obvious criticisms come first? Why is there a direct relationship between criticism of replacing our nukes with how far down the article such criticism appears? And who gives a flying fuck about a rivalry between Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore on nuclear-weapons design? Why don't the Congressional Demz and the reporter note that the test-ban treaty is essentially moribund (obviously)?

Yes, these are all rhetorical questions.

We ought to engrave this article on a plaque and shoot it into space, just in case anyone out there would like to know why we're no longer around.


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