Help Kucinich Raise $50m in Small Donations

Let's face it: Kucinich is the only candidate who has even the slightest chance of making the changes necessary to restore the Republic. I hear lots of potential supporters mouth Conventional Wisdom and say, "Oh, he's great, but he has no chance."

Oh, no, you mean the
New York Times doesn't like him? Do not be sheep or you'll be shorn.

I just gave $50; why don't you? Money talks in this country -- give enough and he'll at minimum ask the necessary questions and raise the necessary issues that neither Obama nor (god forbid) Hillary will bother to raise. And he could win: who the fuck was Clinton in 1991? The guy who made the worst speech ever at the '88 convention; governor of some tiny state? C'mon. Who was Dean in 2001? And so on.

Difference is: Kucinich has the best chance of not being coopted like Clinton and Dean. No guarantees, but he's the real deal -- as real as we're gonna get. Give money; shift the debate!


Contribute to electing a president with "no strings attached", no ties to corporations - Dennis Kucinich. For 40 years, Kucinich has only been bound to the best interests of the American people. So, he has unique plans for Peace & Prosperity:

• Only Kucinich has a plan for Peace and Security that can be implemented today. [Read it here.]

His plan for Healthcare will provide affordable Healthcare to all because only Kucinich proposes cutting out the fat, the middlemen - the insurance companies. [Read it here.]

• Kucinich is the only candidate that has a plan to create more jobs in the U.S. because he is seeking to protect the rights of American workers.

Help raise $50 million. Be a part of electing a president with "no strings attached" - Dennis Kucinich. - 877-41-DENNIS (877-413-3664)