Harold Pinter on Charlie Rose

Probably great -- assuming Rose can keep his mouth shut. Always an issue.


  1. I'd also like to say that Rose is an epic idiot. The absolute weather vane of conventional wisdom. This man is so completely stupid and blind (or craven? -- he seems to mean what he says...) -- it's truly infuriating, especially as he cuts off Pinter, who is struggling, literally, to talk.

    The interview is cut to ribbons; it's obvious -- nearly jump-cut.

    He had the GALL to confront Pinter thusly: "Why haven't you done anything on the stage to fight against the war in Iraq?"

    Complete and total troglodyte, and, like I said, a perfect example of the conventional American "intellectual."


  2. To say nothing of Rose's questions about art, such as: "Why would a man like you take another person's work and adapt it?" (re: screenplay adaptations).

    "Why only one novel?"

    Pinter embodies the epitome of class: which is not to let on that you realize that you're in the presence of a boor.

    I am not that classy.

  3. Thank you sooo much for putting this interview on your site. Because wayyy back in 2002 or early 2003, I wrote Rose a letter saying I would never ever watch his program again, and I have held true to my 'threat.'

    I remember the interview he did at the time. Rose was interviewing aka interrupting Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Grrrrr.

    I used to love Charlie Rose. Wanted to be him (though female). For years. Tell me, Doug, is it my imagination that Rose had a conscience and insight in the 1990s? (Of course, when he made a name for himself with his late night talkshows on CNN, I believe, in the 1980s (?) or early 1990s, the guy was on coke! Flinching away! It was weird. Then he seemed to clean up and went on PBS. Then he started drinking petroleum from the neocon goblet.

    Sorry to go on a tangent away from the wonderful Pinter....

    Oh, I put you on my blogroll. Except I changed my WordPress them, and my blogroll doesn't show up. I hope to figure that out soon.


  4. Thanks, radrobin! I'll check out your site.

    IMHO, Rose has always been pretty bad, but maybe he was better on coke? :)

    You've seen the Pinter Nobel speech, right? I assume you have; if not, go here.

  5. Wow! No, I had *not* seen the Harold Pinter acceptance speech. And I just watched it -- some parts a couple of times.


    Now I see your inspiration for compiling and posting the 2 hour collection of films about the TRUTH of USA actions against Latin America! I watched the first hour of that -- but couldn't take any more in one sitting. I was aware of mostly all of those 'deeds' as it was the truth re Nicaragua that opened my eyes about my country. Before that, I was on board the Great White Fleet bandwagon. (ref: T. Roosevelt).

    Pinter's Nobel speech really taps into the heart of my frustration: How to get American citizens to see what we truly are? I know the best of what we are would shine through in that event.

    I was trying to find the google video of BBC's Channel 4 movie, entitled, "The Trial of Tony Blair" to gift to you. I am sure I watched it for free on google!! But can't find it. Will keep looking. It's great satire.

    Here's a link to Ch4's site to see a clip if you like:


    PS: Oh, btw, D from Silenced Majority Portal has been referring me to your site.

    Now, I have indulged in reality for far too long today (DOJ scandal... bushco, getting the unadulterated truth from the Honorable Harold Pinter), so I must continue watching the ever enjoyable Upstairs, Downstairs series for a break.

    Keep blogging!! Thanks again for the link to the Nobel speech.


  6. You're welcome...hi to D, too!

    I don't know how to get people to get educated about our country, good and bad, without talking directly to people. It annoys some, causes problems, etc., but there is no other option but to confront people with the truth and appeal to the better angels of their nature.

    Most so-called "liberals" are more than happy to stick their heads in the sand and assume that Daddy Democrat(s) will make everything better. I find I get more traction with true conservatives, actually.

    Oh, well. Every little bit helps.

  7. You know, it's interesting studying American indirect war actions cause... oddly enough....the first thing the USA military forces do is take out the communication centers in a country. Hell, we did that over a week before our invasion of Iraq (both times). So, I guess following the USA manual, one would need 100% control of the airwaves. For a day or three. I have a blog entry on community tv (starting up our own programs on cable tv). Maybe that's the key: finding a way to broadcast the truth 24 hours a day?

    I don't know if you have children, but I know D does. So does our friend Bert. Maybe you do. I don't so I can sleep at night. Well, somewhat. I do have nephews/nieces. And I draw a line from today to our most probable future 20 years from now, and I just cringe. If I had a child, I would be militant. I don't dig point B. Not at all. Basically, this mess needs to be turned around by 2008. Anything less is unacceptable.

    Obviously, I am just rambling away here...... I am so frustrated!!!



  8. We don't have kids, for these reasons, among others. Can't see bringing kids into this world. Of course, if everyone agreed with me, that'd be it for the species! However, not everyone does it.

    Democracy Now! is an excellent non-corporate source of news. Check 'em out. I watch it every day. Information Clearing House is good, too, as well as Juan Cole, Chris Floyd, and Robert Parry. You can google all these: they're all free, all online.

    Nothing wrong with starting one's own show on cable access, but there are these options, as well as any English-language paper in the world that's online, too.

    Sometime in 2007, Independent World Television's "The Real News" -- fully subscriber-supported -- will launch.

    Check out all these things online...the web is the last bastion of non-corporate media. Hence the attack upon it (net neutrality issue).

    Channel that frustration! Keep blogging and hooking up with others, especially outside of the blogosphere. I would think that the powers that be would be very happy to have people typing away but doing nothing on the ground...something to avoid (not saying you do that, of course; it's a general point).

    Best, Dug


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