In Depth: Alexander Cockburn

Here's the link; 3 hours.

On Rupert Murdoch: "He's sort of a coagulated blob of prejudice and spleen." That's good stuff. There's a lot more: on Hitchens, Tom Friedman, and a lot of other fat-heads who deserve to be excoriated.

Interesting fact: Cockburn's father wrote the novel Beat the Devil, from which an excellent, underrated black comedy, which you can see right here for free. Truman Capote wrote the last scene, and nothing else, but got the credit. Typical. I can only imagine what Vidal would say.

John Huston directed; the usual team of Bogie, Lorre, and others are in it. Love it.

Cockburn's dead wrong about global warming; shocked to hear that he doubts it. A little blinkered to think it's all a front for the nuclear power industry.


  1. OT. Hey Doug, there's a blogswarm against theocracy this weekend. You might be interested in participating. I have my essay written and ready to post tomorrow morning. Check it out.


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