Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

Paul Wolfowitz should, and I think will, be thrown out of the World Bank.

Note carefully what Cheney said in "support" of Wolfowitz:
Paul is one of the most able public servants I've ever known .... I think he's a very good president of the World Bank, and I hope he will be able to continue.
That's pol-speak for, "You're on your own, fuckwad." (Here's my four-letter tirade.) When push comes to shove, the US can't afford to keep him on if the entire organization wants him out without completely alienating Europe. What's the point?

Ya see, the deal is that there are plenty of willing neoliberals (and/or neocons) who aren't stupid enough to steal small for their girlfriends when their job is to steal large for the West. No point in risking the whole take -- not even for a stand-up guy like Wolfowitz.

That's how the mob works. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving piece of shit.

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