Olbermann's Special Comment on the Democratic Crave-In

Norman Solomon on the Democrats, and groups like MoveOn, that act as "safety valves." I quit MoveOn when they got behind the sham, nonbinding bill. Seems like they are pissed, now that they got snookered. No matter: had the bill passed, it was toothless, anyway. End funding. End of statement. That, or impeachment, is the only way to end this (or any) war.

Problem is, the Demz want to win the next election...and then, what? Pull out of Iraq? Or pull a Nixon-in-Vietnam and expand into Iran? Listen to the top Dem candidates; they can't wait to pressure Iran. "No option off the table" as far as Iran goes...but for a president at 25-ish, who has totally destroyed the Constitution? Impeachment is "off the table." Even for single-digit Cheney. Makes you wonder, huh?