2008: On It's Way To Being Stolen: Greg Palast, RFK, Jr., and Randi Rhodes, NYC, 5/1/07

The film referred to in the lecture. On NOLA one year after Katrina, which got Palast under investigation for filming "critical infrastructure" that could be attacked by terrorists...and everyone on the planet can find on Google Maps.

Here are the three PIPA surveys referred to by RFK, Jr: One, Two, Three. Makes for interesting reading; Chomsky and many others have cited this material constantly as evidence of two things:
  1. What the public want and what the elite want are very different, right down the line, on most issues.
  2. The American public is woefully mis- and uninformed. Recipe for fascism deluxe.


  1. Browse through this page, these folders...PIPA is the best survey group out there. This is an eye-opener, if you didn't already know.


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