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Arsenal of Hypocrisy: US Space Command

Another under-reported story with huge implications for human survival. Vision for 2020 document (PDF) -- from 1997, during the wonderful Clinton years. Note the term "full spectrum dominance" therein. And from 1998, the "Long Range Plan." I'm sure Hillary will dismantle this program. Or Obama. Worry not: the Republicans are the enemy; you can trust the Democrats.

Here's the current Space Command website. Here's the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) site on weapons in space. This is why we're persisting in "theater missile defense system" deployment in Poland, Taiwan, and around the world. In case you were wondering. The obvious response? The entire world allies against us, formally or not. Which "proves" that we must arm even further to the teeth...which will foster more nuclear proliferation to non-nuclear powers and build-up by other nuclear powers. I'm sure it will all turn out OK. Continue shopping.

FYI, the e-mail I sent Bruce Gagnon, after checking out the website, which turned out to be a wacko anti-Semitic site:
Dear Mr. Gagnon:

Are you aware that the google video link from your site for the above-mentioned film advertises both in a link on the google video page (look underneath your name in the upper-right-hand corner) and in the introductory graphic? It's strange that there wouldn't be a link to your own site,; there is at the end of the film, as well as a link to the a.o.h. website. Perhaps you lost the domain name?

The aforementioned site can only be described as an anti-Semitic website (to say nothing of the blog that links off that site)? Here's a little taste of that blog, advertised above the horizon on the site -- its "about" page:

What this blog is About

This blog is for FREE THINKERS, free speech and providing unfiltered news, links and comments. I estimate there are only about 100,000 free thinkers in the United States if that.
If you don’t like free speech go fuck yourself and consider moving to China, Russia or DC. Or maybe you might consider moving to Germany or other countries where Jewish law prevents freedom of speech as thought crime. I welcome your free speech here. Nothing will be edited or denied unless you are trying to enlarge some ones penis or sell lies.
The enemy is many things. They are everywhere and sometimes easy to spot, they are the ones that are trying to change Free Speech under some bogus Hate Crime Bill and they hate FREE SPEECH.

The so called main stream media is totally to blame. They fail to inform Americans about anything of real value. The press is owned and operated by Jews and Jewish interests (LOOK IT UP!) and is to blame for the Zionist take over of the United States and other countries. They own ALL TV media, 98% print media, 100% radio media, 100% of international banking and oil interests. They LIE about ALL policy and always blame the victim. The only media they can’t control right now in the internet but that will soon change. They control our public schools, CIA, NSA, the pentagon and the military to name a few. Just do some research and find out for yourself.

They control you and me through inflation, deflation and debt. The petrol dollar is Trillions of debt paper they are about to crash by design when the time is right and impose a type of marshal law perhaps after another faults flag attack like 9/11.

Real Terrorist (including parts of the United States government) or anybody that supports Terrorism is NOT welcome to post on this blog.
Remember: The US Department of Defense defines terrorism as: “the unlawful use of — or threatened use of — force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.” Basically what we (THE U.S.) has been doing for the last 300 years.

More will be added later

I don't use "anti-Semitic" lightly -- I have read and agree with Finkelstein's and Chomsky's take on the mis- and abuse of that term. Nothing in the body of the film seems to have anything to do with anti-Semitic ramblings -- it's an excellent film, actually -- so I wanted to bring this to your attention in case you didn't know that this other site has apparently "hijacked" your work. I can't see any connection on your site or blog to anything remotely anti-Semitic, so this association is quite damaging.

Thank you,

Doug Tarnopol
I'll let you know what response I get, if any.

Update: And here it is:
Yes sadly the guy who did the production work on the video, who was not political at the time, became political after the creation of the video and went off to some areas that I am uncomfortable with. But because he basically owns the video because he produced it there is little I/we can do about it. We have no control over him or his web site.

It's made for a very strange situation that we are not happy about.

So, there you have it: anti-Semitic wacko hijacks a damn good documentary on a crucial topic. Watch the video.