Immigrant Rights Groups Condemn New Senate Proposal To Overhaul Nation's Immigration Laws

Ted Kennedy, that great "liberal," has signed on to this travesty.

According to the guest -- Stan Mark, Program Director of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund -- the Kennedy-Bush bill, among many other things, allocates resources for detention of up to 27,500 people per day on an annual basis.

That's incredible, and if true, possibly the most frightening development of the Bush regime. It means ICE raids that will make New Bedford, et al, look like nothing. Total fascism. They weren't kidding about those Halliburton detention centers. (Here's a non-New York Times view; here's Halliburton's view; here's a non-PR-whore view.)

Well, one use, at least. They'll always have room for those pesky "subversives" who protest open martial law after the next terrorist attack.