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18 May 2007

George Monbiot: "If We Don’t Deal With Climate Change We Condemn Hundreds of Millions of People to Death"

Pretty much, yeah. "The Bush Administration's handling of climate change is like Trofim Lysenko's handling of genetics. I mean, this is a complete clamp-down on science." Exactly.

Here's Alexander Cockburn, usually a good analyst, talking total bullshit. He's not strong on science: that's probably the most generous description. Maybe Cockburn just loves his old cars! At minimum, Cockburn is mixing up cause and effect. Yes, there are those in the nuclear power industry trying to take advantage of growing concern about global warming. No, the entire scientific community is not in on the scam.

Here's Monbiot, interviewed on DN! above, responding to Cockburn, and the debate thereafter, linked on the top of the page.

For those enamored of Al Gore, a little history lesson of what he and Clinton did to Kyoto back in the day.

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