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Truthdig - The Nightmare Scenario

Excellent "dig" led by truthdig, by Sergei Plekhanov:
Sergei M. Plekhanov, an associate professor in the department of political science, York University (Toronto, Canada), was from 1988 to 1993 the deputy director of the Moscow-based Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada, and has advised the U.S. and Canadian governments on Russian affairs.There are some excellent "related links" and updates on the page.

SPADE Defense Index

Keep an eye on this excellent measure of the military-industrial complex.

This index (itself traded on AMEX -- "DXS") covers 57 companies in defense (sic), homeland security (sic), and space (sic). Here they are. Some surprises, no?

In 2006, it outperformed the S&P500 for the seventh consecutive year, up 19.33%. An interactive line graph on its performance here, compared to other indexes. Or, to quote them:
From 2000-2006, the SPADE Defense Index GAINED 113.86% vs. a LOSS by the S&P500 of 3.47%
Death, as always, is big business.

Dig their glowing February, 2007, newsletter. (PDF)

Onto Iran! Syria! China! Russia! It's all good for business.

Web of Deceit

The West's complicity in Saddam Hussein's crimes and regime.

The book.

Never broadcast in the US, reportedly.

If you have any trouble with the videos below (I have), click on the partially transparent YouTube logo (on the lower-right corner of the screen) to go to YouTube, where you shouldn't have a problem.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Obama: When $481.4 Billion Just Isn't Enough...

(The number above is the 2008 number for the DoD. It doesn't include money for Iraq, Afghanistan, the Dept of Energy [nukes], the intel agencies, and whatever "black" budgets the magnitude of which is by definition unknown.)
Sen. Obama Suggests He Would Expand Pentagon Budget
In political news, Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has suggested he would increase the Pentagon's budget if elected president. Obama made the comment during a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He said that because the Iraq war has depleted our military "there's probably going to be a bump under an Obama presidency in initial spending just to get back to where we were."
Oh, yes: he's another "maverick" shaking up politics. Can anyone say, "manufacturing consent"?

Finkelstein Dissects Another Dershowitz Bull

Follow the links in the op-ed...

Finkelstein, as anyone who's read his books or articles knows, is neither a self-hating Jew nor an anti-Semite. He's just unafraid to take on taboo issues, and he's infuriating because he is such a good academic excavator. He reads and follows up on footnotes, for example. He exposed Joan Peters' From Time Immemorial, and then (surprise, surprise) Dershowitz's work, itself based on From Time Immemorial.

It's simply not factually true that he's a pariah in academic circles: Raul Hilberg, Sara Roy -- well, go look at his blurbs.

But he does piss off the AIPAC-lovin' types. I, for one, enjoy watching them squirm.

As for "the Big Lie," Dershowitz has got that down pat. He is a clown; why Gould gave him the time of day is one of those mysteries I'll never figure out.

Iran Round-up

My E-mail to the New York Times

Subject: Gordon's Article on Iran

Dear Newsroom:

OK, are you people just shilling for the Bush Admin, or what? We've seen this many, many times before, with Dame Miller, for one.

How about this: squelch these types of stories now (we all know what they are), and do something to preserve our democracy -- which is what newspapers are supposed to do -- now, do something to prevent war with Iran now.

(You might be interested in this Raw Story report, which is flying around the internet like wildfire.)

That way, you won't have to bump some stupid lifestyle story on how the best duvets can be found in SoHo, or whatnot, for your rich suburban audience to apologize at length, yet again, for what you should have done to help save the country, and lives, back when you had a chance to do so.

The choke hold on democracy is the media; you still have a huge impact on that media. Use it or lose it.

I would think you have enough blood on your hands from Iraq to be nudged in the direction of figh…

Democracy Now! on Josh Wolf, Media Wars

The entire show is about a variety of media crackdowns. The headlines lay out what's going on with Iran -- a third carrier group on the way. But pay attention to how the news briefing on Iranian bombs in Iraq went down.

Goodman shows segments from the Frontline series on the news war. Worth viewing (or reading) the entire DN! episode, as well as the Frontline series, which will be available online after broadcast.

Nah, we're not in a proto-fascist state. I'm just "wild-eyed." I'm crying Wolf, not wolf.

PS: Props to Obama for slapping down John Howard.

The Raw Story | NYT article appears to violate policy on using unidentified sources; Gates: 'Pretty good evidence' Iran behind Iraq bombs

Here we go again. At this point, anyone who believes anything the New York Times prints on Iran is either congenitally stupid, happy to go to war (again), or woefully naive.
More on the moron who was Judy Miller's partner in crime, and who is now Head War Pimp for the Times.A run through the Greater Maniacs from AEI, and elsewhere, who are hoping for a nuclear airstrike, whether by us or by Israel.From a friend:
The first big salvo....

Despite my geographical distance I've been keenly following developments in the States. Now that the Times (see above link) is again publishing front-page assertions to accord with the Bush Junta agenda, the battle is in full swing. Approval ratings and Congress don't mean a thing to these people, and they're going to get their war. There does happen to be opposition among and between the "elite," but to thwart anything that appears like a popular congressional or other move against their agenda, I am convinced that the Junta wi…