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Kucinich, Zinn on Democrats' Support for the War

Kucinich, below, is right on the money, as per usual.
Howard Zinn Replies to MoveOn’s support for the supplemental

By Howard Zinn

03/23/07 "ICH" -- "I'm disappointed in MoveOn. We are not politicians, we are citizens. Let the politicians advocate half-way measures if they choose, but only after they have felt the full force of citizens who speak for what is right, not what is winnable in a shameful timorous Congress. Timetables for withdrawal are not only morally reprehensible in the case of a brutal occupation (would you give a thug who invaded your house, smashed things up, and terrorized your children a timetable for withdrawal?) but logically nonsensical. If our troops are preventing civil war, helping people, controlling violence, then why withdraw at all? If they are in fact doing the opposite -- provoking civil war, hurting people, perpetuating violence -- they should withdraw as quickly as ships…

Bolton admits Lebanon truce block

Who's using whom, huh? If I were an Israeli, I'd be furious right now. So, the US has blocked both a deal with Syria and a speedy cease-fire in Lebanon last summer. In the former case, they scuppered a potential deal. In the latter, they gave Israel time to destroy, well, lots of southern Lebanon.

We need to break free from Israel, yes. Looks to me as though Israel needs to break free from us just as much. More accurately, the nutjob elites in both the US and Israel need to be thrown out of power, and both nations desperately need to get their diplomatic shit together and simply solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue -- based on Geneva, the Arab League's 2002 plan, and whatever else -- ASAP. Plans abound. Let's get a move on, already!

The struggle for oil is not the struggle we are losing

No labels for this one. It is too wide-ranging: overconsumption of fossil fuels is and has been at the heart of our heartless foreign policy. We've been reaping the whirlwind in myriad ways, at home and abroad.

The author is correct: it is a moral issue. Every time you waste fossil fuels, every time you don't do more to get off them, conserve them, and support those organizations that are fighting for renewable energy, etc., you're part of the problem. So am I, obviously, but it's not all-or-nothing. Minimize your hypocrisy; maximize your conservation.

Y'all know what to do, how to research if you don't. Just do it.

What True Conservatives Are Saying about Iraq

This 8-minute interview is from the Cato Podcast, sponsored by the Cato Institute, no liberal hotbed that, to say nothing of the Hudson Institute.

So, the obvious question is: what the hell is keeping so-called liberals or progressives in Congress and elsewhere from making these obvious points?

Note Odom's connection to Brzezinski, who has also been on a tear. The latter is no bottom-up progressive liberal, for sure; an old Trilateral Commissioner, among many other things, including an initiator and enabler (with Saint Carter) of the Central American slaughter of the 80s.

Yet these guys realize that the Iraq mess, from a purely self-interested standpoint, is a disaster for the US. Interesting.

From ICH:
"The war was not in our interest. It was in the interest of Iran and Al Qaeda. How can you win a war that's accomplishing the goals of your enemy?"

Lieutenant General William E. Odom, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a Senior Fellow with Hudson Institute an…

Obama/Clinton Ads

We have now reached the age of the meta-ad. Both candidates have either produced or their supporters have produced ads comparing the other to Big Brother based on the 1984 Macintosh anti-IBM ad.

The BBC considers this important, but not worthy of any analysis. I consider it the next logical step in a presidential horse-race in which issues simply do not matter.

Ultimately, the proliferation of PR-driven political ad campaigns is completely undemocratic; actually, fascist. Ironic that no one realized how inappropriate the use of visual propaganda decrying visual propaganda would be. But, leave it to Americans to not get it. I hope I'm wrong.

I don't see Kucinich wasting his time on such crap.

Democracy Dreaming

All I can say, is, hell yes.

All this talk of stopping the "surge," internecine squabbles in the anti-war movement over the recent supplemental, ignorant and craven wish-projections onto Obama or Gore or some other savior miss the point: we are, and have not been, a republic for about 50 years.

Here's one way to get it back.

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater

This is a journalist. Non-Real-Player options. More coverage of this on Democracy Now! tomorrow; I'll post that below tomorrow...

These mercenaries are literally and truly the Bush Administration's Praetorian Guard, as Scahill says. They deployed to New Orleans "to fight crime" after Katrina. (More here and here.) Who gave that order? I know Posse Comitatus is basically dead, but these mercenaries are not even part of the government.

This should scare the living shit out of anyone reading this. I realize this is nowhere near as important as the death of Anna Nicole Smith, but still, ya know, might be worth a few minutes of your time.

Scahill covers the ties of the founder, Erik Prince, to the Christian Right, James Dobson, Amway,Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) (who fought with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets...I'm serious), as well as the rise of his company, Blackwater, the largest private army in the world (~25,000, but no one really knows), …

It’s STILL The Oil: Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion, By Greg Palast

[A man who has consistently shown that he knows exactly what he's talking about...]
Four years ago this week, the tanks rolled for what President Bush originally called, “Operation Iraqi Liberation” — O.I.L.
I kid you not.And it was four years ago that, from the White House, George Bush, declaring war, said, “I want to talk to the Iraqi people.” That Dick Cheney didn’t tell Bush that Iraqis speak Arabic … well, never mind. I expected the President to say something like, “Our troops are coming to liberate you, so don’t shoot them.” Instead, Mr. Bush told, the Iraqis,“Do not destroy oil wells.“Nevertheless, the Bush Administration said the war had nothing to do with Iraq’s oil. Indeed, in 2002, the State Department stated, and its official newsletter, the Washington Post, repeated, that State’s Iraq study group, “does not have oil on its list of issues.”But now, we’ve learned that, despite protestations to the contrary, Condoleezza Rice held a secret meeting with the former Secretary-…

The Archaeology of Porridge

This barely deserves the tag "Essay" -- more like scattered first impressions...

I am forcing myself to slog through this book. Foucault makes some excellent points, especially for the time, but his language is so hyperdense it takes forever to finally figure out his point. I realize that style is part of the point -- self-exemplifying and all that -- but it annoys me to death.

Also, he makes just plain factually incorrect statements, such as claiming that Marx's view of history was NOT progressive. Find me nineteenth-century Westerner who wasn't at least partly in thrall to progress, let alone Marx. Even Nietzsche had a kind of transcendent, individualistic progress in mind.

Anywho, the extreme rejection of the human being -- "humanism," what he confusingly calls "anthropological" ("anthropocentric"???) -- and worship of "the text" (yes, "discourse field" or whatever), sans author, is, one would think, not on…