Jewish Voice for Peace: Some Videos

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  • Brand New!
    Watch our moving video "Meet JVP" that we produced for our Olive Branch Awards. (Warning, it's a large file, so best if you have a high speed connection.) See many of the faces behind JVP and why we are so committed to this work.
  • News coverage of JVP on the Gaza withdrawal.
    Watch the demonstration and in-studio analysis.
  • Classic JVP Promo
    This video offers a short but compelling statement about JVP's work, and features footage of our sit-in at the Israeli Consulate in 2002. Watch with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.
  • In support of selective divestment
    Watch JVP Co-Director Liat Weingart and Israeli human rights attorney Shamai Leibovitz address Chicago's Presbyterian community on divestment.
  • Caterpillar action
    Inspiring video about home demolitions and JVP action on March 16, 2004, the anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death. (Large file)
  • Joint press conference
    JVP sponsored a 2004 joint Muslim, Jewish and Christian press conference with Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights.

Home demolitions