Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas Into Peaceful LA Immigration March; NPR on Boston Biotech Conference Protests

Or, "We Are All Palestinians Now."

Democracy Now! report...more burgeoning fascism. (Mistagged to start at the beginning of the report; you can listen to the headlines, but if you want, jump to 13:36 for the specific segment linked in the title to this post. Update from today's DN! here.)

LA Times on this (more here); even Fox affiliates are pissed off (who knows about FoxNews--National). When you get stomped, you get pissed.

We'll be seeing more and more of this in the good ol' USA:

Meanwhile, NPR (stands for, "Nonstop Propaganda Repetition") tells me today, without batting an eye, the day after this brutality, that a "protest zone" will be set up for the biotech conference. This is OK with them, of course. The entire segment was devoted to how law enforcement has been preparing for the protest. Not one word on why the protest is happening; not one word from a protester-to-be. Typical, I know. Will the Boston PD use rubber bullets, too?