Ahmadinejad as Goldfinger, Analysis by Khody Akhavi, IPS

Ah, the AEI. What a zoo that place is. Ledeen ought to go back to worshipping Italian neofascists. This stuff would be funny if "the crazies" didn't have so much clout.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the IAEA is reportedly making progress with Iran on keeping them from their statutory right to process uranium for electricity-generating purposes.

Yes, I am against all nuclear energy; yes, even barring a ban, I am for a centralized international refinement regime in which no one country has its own capacity to create weapons-grade material; yes, I'm for a nuclear-free middle east -- and world. There is no other option for long- or even medium-term survival. Perhaps even for short-term; as in, the next few months.