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05 September 2007

Shooting the messengers, By Mariano Aguirre

Here's the original Le Monde Diplomatique version -- not timing out anymore.

I've recently endured (another) bout of "you're a self-hating, anti-Semitic..." yadda yadda. So, as if anyone was unsure of this obvious taboo, I can vouch for it first-hand, as well as second-hand.

Here's some info on Aguirre.

And here's a report from IPS on the Brussels conference: Call to Halt EU Trade with Israel, By David Cronin. Gee, lots of self-haters coming out of the woodwork! Here's the site for European Jews for a Just Peace. Here's the EUMC 2005 definition of antisemitism (PDF). Note the second group of bullets.

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