A Whole Load of Finkelstein Videos

Enjoy. A world-class scholar, no matter what the DePaul administration says! Here's a little from Raul Hilberg, RIP.

1. On The Holocaust Industry

2. Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?

3. Audio of full debate with Shlomo Ben-Ami.

4. The Final Insult, on the Holocaust double-shakedown.

5. The Battle for the Holocaust -- Channel 4 Documentary

Note: When the World Jewish Congress dude claims that in The Holocaust Industry, Finkelstein cites "a German newspaper" on the $9bn the WJC amassed from Holocaust compensation monies, well, here's the actual text:
Edgar Bronfman movingly testified before the House Banking Committee that the Swiss should not "be allowed to make a profit from the ashes of the Holocaust." On the other hand, Bronfman recently acknowledged that the WJC treasury has amassed no less than "roughly $7 billion" in compensation monies.

[note 39: Burt Neuborne, "Totaling the Sum of Swiss Guilt," in New York Times (24 June 1998). Hearings before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services, House of Representatives, 11 December 1996. "Holocaust-Konferenz in Stockholm," in Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung (26 January 2000) (Bronfman)]
Why a German newspaper should be ruled out in 2000 is unclear to me. However, in the postscript to the first paperback edition, the claim is stated again, with the following citations:
In late August 2000 the World Jewish Congress (WJC) announced that it stood to amass fully $9 billion in Holocaust compensation monies.

[note 1: Joan Gralla, "Holocaust Foundations Set for Restitution Funds," in Reuters (22 August 2000); Michael J. Jordan, "Spending Restitution Money Pits Survivors Against Groups," in Jewish Telegraphic Agency (29 August 2000); NAHOS (The Newsletter of the National Association of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors) (1 September 200, 6 October 2000, and 6 November 2000); Marilyn Henry, "Proposed 'Foundation for Jewish People' Has No Cash," in Jerusalem Post (8 September 2000); Joan Gralla, "Battle Brews Over Holocaust Compensation," in Reuters (11 September 2000); Shlomo Shamir, "Government to Set Up New Fund for Holocaust Payments," in Haaretz (12 September 2000); E.J. Kessler, "Hillary the Holocaust Heroine?" in New York Post (12 September 2000); Melissa Radler, "Survivors Get Most of Cash in Shoah Fund," in Forward (17 September 2000); "The WJC Defends Event Panned by Commentary," in Jewish Post (20 September 2000).

6. Finkelstein vs. Dershowitz
Part 1

Part 2

7. Chomsky on Finkelstein and Dershowitz and tenure...

8. Free at last! Finkelstein resigns in settlement with DePaul.