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10 September 2007

David Brooks Compares Bin Laden to, Well, Anyone He Disagrees With

Such as: admirers of Noam Chomsky's analyses; anyone not completely on board with neoliberal globalization; any "lefty blog[gers]," who are childish ranters; "conspiracy theories," such as global warming (!) and the mortgage crisis (!), and "a lot of the worst ideas from the West." You must see this to believe it.

This is truly frightening: fascist through and through. Any and all dissent about any aspect of what Brooks considers The One True Way is now lumped in with a mass murderer, Public Enemy Number 1: Osama Bin Laden.

Don't let Brooks' faux-centrist, jocular-common-sense, shoulder-shrugging ways fool you: this was a vicious piece of hateful rightwing propaganda. Not the first time Brooks has spouted appallingly immoral fascist drivel.

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