Chimpy McMurderer's Address to the Nation

Watch it here. Seventeen-and-a-half minutes of steaming horseshit by the epsilon minus ostensibly running the country (yeah, right).

Note the constant use, and not just by Bush, of the definite article to modify "terrorists" -- the terrorists. You know, Al Qaida, Iranians, ecological activists, lefty bloggers -- all the same. Pure propaganda. How fucking stupid does he think we are? What a farce of a speech; anyone who sees anything in it other than propaganda needs to have his or her head examined. There might be a sheep's brain in it.

Another interestingly defined term: "extremists" means "Shiites" or "those who do not bow to the will of elite American fiat."

Ah, the Reaganesque "personalization" at the end of the speech -- by some amazing coincidence, it's a virtual retread of the new Ari-Fleischer-backed commercials for Iraq. Well, it is September: time to launch a new product -- Iran, and the new [sic] Iraq strategy [sic].

By relying heavily on Anbar as a "success story," Petraeus probably signed Abu Risha's death warrant. Scary that the assassination was probably not a coincidence -- that's the "security situation." As for what Abu Risha actually thought, yes, one must turn to Democracy Now! More here:

Compare Bush's speech to Bin Laden's: both are playing a role; each should get a best-supporting-actor award for the other.

Oh, well: it's only to be expected: the Bushes and Bin Ladens go way, way back, as Greg Palast -- via that notorious radical organization called "the BBC" -- has documented here, and more broadly here:

The bottom line is: we're there because we want our hand on the oil spigot to give us veto power over any other nation's potential rise, as per neoconservative -- and pretty much any other American, British, Russian (or, what-have-you) political-elite -- doctrine. We'll stay till the oil is privatized; we'll stay as long as it takes to keep it pumping at the desired rate of the country's (or, to be more accurate, the world's) owners.

As for the civil war, and Petraeus' (and our) funding and arming of both (all) sides, well, Jay Gould put it best in a different context: "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

This sentiment, in both its figurative and literal senses, has simply been globalized; it applies equally well at home and abroad.

End of story. Unless, of course, we do something about it.


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