Living off scraps: The West Bank's bitter harvest

Nah, it's not apartheid. Everyone's perfectly happy in the occupied territories.

Another crack in the ideological wall -- from Yahoo News of all places. Amy Goodman in her weekly column (I know, I know: a self-hater).

More: "The Greatest Story Never Told," by Stephen Lendman. Another self-hater, of course. Here's another good one: "'Unrecognized' Palestinians." More of his "hate-filled" notions can be read at his blog.

Yes, I am not only sick and tired of "pro-"Israeli hyper-Zionists frothing at the mouth, getting gifted professors fired, and so forth. But I am also frankly terrified of yet another new war, this time in Iran, which, among others, the "pro-"Israeli hyper-Zionists (Jewish and non-Jewish; in America or in Israel) are pushing for.