‘Stunning admission’ by Clinton, Obama, Edwards is tantamount to a permanent occupation of Iraq

Yeah, it's a campaign press release, but still, it's accurate. Lovely, lovely Democrats: how I love them so.

Is Saint Obama still beatific? Is Hillary still just terrific? Or Edwards, the "left-wing" candidate according to the presstitutes and sheeple?

My "liberal" friends will tell me, no doubt, that Kucinich hasn't a chance, and that anyone's better than any Republican in 2008. That excuse is wearing very thin. Sure, there will be differences, but I can hardly see any in the truly important issues: more like disaster or total, complete disaster. Meanwhile, and against the public's desire when the Hitler-of-the- month-club propaganda machine isn't in full swing, all possible presidential candidates drift ever rightward. Funny how you don't see a leftward drift up there among the immortals, ain't it?

What to do? Give as much money as possible to Kucinich and tell everyone you know about him. A strong challenge at the polls might force some policy changes in the front-runner(s). It's too much to hope for Kucinich grabbing the nomination -- or is it?

As I've said over and over again, if every person who says, "I love Kucinich, but he has no chance" gave $50 and their vote to Kucinich, guess what?


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