Food, water run low on third day of Israeli raid on Palestinian refugee camp in West Bank

  • Recent report on the impact of settlements, by OCHA. PDFs below. Here's the blurb from the OCHA-OPT site:

The Humanitarian Impact on Palestinians of Israeli Settlements and Other Infrastructure in the West Bank | July 2007

The report examines the humanitarian impact on Palestinians from the ongoing settlements in the West Bank and other Israeli infrastructure, such as the Barrier and the roads that accompany them. The analysis shows that more than 38% of the West Bank is now taken up by Israeli infrastructure. Roads linking settlements and other infrastructure to Israel – in conjunction with an extensive system of checkpoints and roadblocks – have fragmented the West Bank into a series of enclaves separating Palestinian communities from each other. The socio-economic impact has been profound.

  • Here are the latest movement-and-access reports. Some actual data (PDF):
    • 14 Sep 2007 Fact sheet: Humanitarian Access to the West Bank | September 2007

UN agencies have been informed by Israeli Defence Forces and Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials that all crossings into the occupied Palestinian territory will be standardized by the end of 2007. UN agencies are seeing increasing restrictions at crossings into the West Bank similar to those already in place into Gaza.

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  • Movement and Access (AMA) Report No 47 | 22 August – 4 September 2007

During the reporting period, Israel has allowed 335 Palestinians to travel out of Gaza through Erez and then into Egypt. Erez crossing remained open for a limited number of Palestinians. A single conveyor belt at Karni Crossing was open for three days for the import of grains/animal feed only, otherwise the crossing remained closed. At Sufa and Kerem Shalom crossings 79 truckloads of humanitarian supplies and 1,104 truckloads of commercial supplies entered. In a single operation, 7 truck loads of potatoes were exported to Jordan through Kerem Shalom. Following a detailed re-survey that ran from 20 August to 20 September the number of reported obstacles to movement on the West Bank increased from 532 to572, which is an increase of 196 obstacles, or 52.1%, over the baseline figure of August 2005

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