Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War: Sign the Petition!

No, this isn't some kind of kinky lefty thing; this is for real. I quote from a World Can't Wait e-mail:

We reported on the courageous Easter Sunday protest of the Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War. The Chicago media has published their mug shots. They have received death threats, and face felony charges of destruction of property (fake blood spilled on carpeting). The Chicago chapter of World Can't Wait is circulating a support petition, asking the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Illinois State Attorney to drop the charges. PETITION HERE

Whenever World Can't Wait supporters have gotten behind people facing political repression, we've helped them stay strong. Please sign and forward this petition.

And from the petition itself, more info:

On Easter Sunday, March 23, six young people disrupted mass at the Holy Name Cathedral to protest the sixth year of the Iraq war. As Cardinal George started his homily, six well-dressed young people in the congregation stood up. One loudly said, “The sixth commandment says, 'thou shall not kill.'” George stopped speaking as all eyes turned to the protesters. "Yet more than a million Iraqis have been killed since the invasion of Iraq," said a second protester.

The six were immediately removed from the church, arrested, and held for felony charges of battery and destruction of property. They were released on up to $30,000 bond, and could face up to 5 years in prison.

Read more about the action here and here. See Video here.

CONTACT the Holy Name 6 with support messages at: holyname6 (at)