Upon Glancing at the Providence Journal Today...

Nowhere will you find word one about the international food crisis.

Meanwhile, the "liberals" (not all, of course) are pushing biofuels: fill your tank with food from people's mouths, for the benefit of the Archer Daniels Midland Corp (not the "Jeffersonian farmer" Monsanto is currently suing out of existence for not paying for their naturally -- or intentionally -- dispersed, copyrighted GMOs).

After the coming economic cataclysm (already here for most people), ya think people will finally rise up and overthrow the global neoliberal regime? Think Obama will lead that fight here in the US?

I think South America is the brightest spot, relatively speaking, in the world right now: they are pointing, messily, toward the only possible future for the species. (Example of "messy": Lula is pro-biofuels -- and not the non-edible kind, either. Even non-edible biofuels will displace all other crops due to rising demand, and not just in the US/EU, but in India, China, everywhere.)

Basically, if we, the species, do not rein in our consumption, we are in for a Malthusian "correction" that will literally rival the Black Plague. Yet, readers of the New York Times, a.k.a., "the people that matter," think they can buy their way out of any crisis.

And all I see in today's Providence Journal, a paper I wouldn't line the bottom of a bird cage with (my wife insists on getting it), is bullshit feel-good stories and propaganda, via the Washington Post (ProJo is a typical cut-and-paste job of a paper; almost no original articles in national/international news sections), on how horribly dangerous Iran is. Puh-leeze.

Oh, but ProJo is all over the big story of the pie thrown at Tom "How Much Blood Is On My Hands?" Friedman. Should have been a brick, in my opinion: we should send that tub of propagandistic lard over to India to try farming in view of the wonderful laboratories and golf courses he loves so. With any luck, he'll join the thousands of farmers who have committed suicide under the "flat-earth" policies he's been touting.

When will people finally realize that the Owners consider us the enemy, and act accordingly?

Disgusted over here in RI.