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03 April 2008

The Green Light | Phillippe Sands on the Torture Team at the White House in Vanity Fair

I think we can now fully dispense with the "a few bad apples" argument, which was transparent bullshit as soon as it was said.

The most amazing part of this article, to me, is that, apparently, the sadists at Gitmo were literally getting ideas from the fucking television program, 24. I kid you not.

Of course, there is yet more proof in this article of two obvious points: the Bush admin should be indicted about a thousand times over, and Doug Feith truly is, as Tommy Franks put it, "the fucking stupidest guy on the planet," as well as a fascist.

Check out the author on Democracy Now!, currently playing live. They'll archive it here.

In this article, (Scott) Horton grinds the Yoo (and here, too); the book's coming out soon.

And here's Yoo's memo, one in a series, courtesy of the Washington Post, which seems to have finally gone vertebrate:

Have a nice time in prison, pal. Of course, he'll be pardoned -- if any charges are ever brought (don't hold your breath). Last time he'll ever leave the US, that's for sure: he'll get picked up under international law, and rightly so.

At the very least, this professor of law at Berkeley (but Norman Finkelstein shouldn't be teaching anywhere?) should be fired.

Finally, here's Rumsfeld's jaunty comment on another torture memo (click to enlarge):

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