Reverend Jeremiah Wright at the National Press Club

Judge for yourself. Made perfect sense to me, FWIW, with the exception of the AIDS-CIA conspiracy thing, which, if you've paid attention to the black medical experience in the US (part of my graduate training in history of science and medicine), Wright was actually trying to explain. And, yes, the US gov't, and any other, is capable of such acts. Not to realize that is to remain a child (to paraphrase Cicero on the importance of history). Did the US create AIDS? Of course not. Not Wright's point, and if Wright believes that, well, OK: he's wrong. But I don't think that was his point. As far as 9/11 goes -- yes, kiddies, your fellow kid knows what you all do: we commit terror all the time. Michael Scheuer, a total rightwinger, has said as much. Don't see anyone going after him.

And he was pretty goddamn funny, too. Made mincemeat of that idiot asking the questions afterwards (proxy, I know, but still an idiot). The list of questions he got were beyond awful: our press is just rotten to the core.

But keep in mind that this "guilt-by-association" game is thinly veiled racism, as Obama couldn't have distanced himself more from this guy -- rightly or wrongly, regardless of what you think of Obama (you know I'm no fan), Wright, the statements, etc. -- without going out and shooting the man. Oh, he threw him overboard, all right.

This only "sticks" because, ironically, we're nowhere near beyond race issues, and could definitely use some more of the "excesses" of the sixties and seventies that Obama decries.

Obama's courageous response to Wright's speech (RealPlayer). How courageous -- how audacious! What a complete loser Obama is.

Oh, yes: so principled is Obama! Lead us to the promised land!

As far as Hillary, the right wing, and the media goes, they can all rot in hell for their part in this as far as I'm concerned.

But you need a gullible (that's polite-ese for "racist") American people to fall for propaganda for it to work.

Update: Wright on Moyers --