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From my buddy Otto Pohl's company...

Switch 5 bulbs to CFLs: a 25watt CFL casts as much light as a 75 watt incandescent and lasts 10x longer. 5 CFLs will save $400 over their lifetime.

Use Power Strips: Turning off electronic devices reduces stand-by drain. Power chargers from your cell phone, iPod and computer use electricity, even when the device isn’t plugged in.

Use the low-power dishwasher setting: You rarely need to use anything other than the light-wash setting, and you can reduce water usage up to 55%.

Use a refillable water container: It takes seven liters of water to produce a one-liter plastic bottle (and we're not even counting the energy usage).

Cotton is grown on only 3% of the world's farmland, yet uses 25% of the world's insecticides.

It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. One pound of soy requires 250 gallons. A pound of wheat uses 25 gallons.

Using power management on your desktop computer can save 900 kilowatt-hours a year, or 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Dear Doug,

We’ve updated our site to include articles on how to save water and electricity. Please take a moment today – Earth Day – to take a look and incorporate at least some of the tips into your daily routine.

The polar bears will thank you!

And if you decide to buy one of our shirts for yourself, a family member or a friend, we thank you for helping to spread the power of positive thinking. As always, we will donate 10% to environmental non-profits.

Chief Evolution Officer

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