Hamas Truce Offer: A Media Rundown (Pun Intended)

So, check Google news to see how this is being reported. I leave it to y'all to see through the silliness. Bottom line: Hamas has -- again -- accepted the reality of an Israeli state within the June 4, 1967 borders. Which is only the ruling UN resolution(s) on the topic, and the international consensus for 30 years. Israel and the US have responded by telling Hamas to go fuck itself (Cheney's influence?), while pillorying Carter for doing the obvious thing -- if one wants a good chance -- any chance -- at peace in the region, upon which the fate of the species, literally, may depend.

Israel's government, it must be admitted, simply doesn't want peace. They have their own military-industrial complex, too. Of course, the Israeli people seem to be fine, by a majority, to talk to Hamas, so we shouldn't confuse states with people. I refer y'all to Zeev Maoz's Defending the Holy Land if you want to see how an ideologically blinded, expansionist set of Israeli governments since 1948 have serially self-destructed, with increasingly dire effects.

But my "pro-"Israel friends don't seem to get that they are supporting Israel to death -- its death. To paraphrase an Israeli refusnik who spent several months in prison in his slap-down of an American Jewish male at a recent Finkelstein talk at Brown:
"You want to fight so much? Make aliyah and join up. Oh, but you won't, if I can infer from your keepah [yarmulke] -- you'll take the religious exemption, move to a settlement, and make your secular brothers fight an immoral war to defend you."