Centers Tap Into Personal Databases

So-called "fusion centers" were set up after 9/11 (we are told) to collect just about all the info you can imagine on everyone. Literally. As Democracy Now! summarized:
New details have been revealed on government collection of Americans’ personal information. The Washington Post is reporting so-called “fusion centers” established following the 9/11 attacks have collected a more extensive array of data than previously known. According to government documents, the fusion centers collect cell phone numbers, insurance claims, credit reports, financial records, and names of relatives and associates. The information is shared among law enforcement officials nationwide.
In other words, no shit: we're living in a totally locked down police state, information-age-style. Don't need to be as obvious as the Gestapo or KGB nowadays. Of course, anyone with the brainpower equal to a Stegasaurus' rear ganglion could have inferred this fact on 9/12/01. Now it's "known."

Kudos to the Post for continuing to brandish its new-found spine.

If you want to do something, call your local rep and your senators, pass this post on, or give money to the Electronic Information Privacy Center or any of a number of other orgs that are fighting to restore a semblance of the rule of law and privacy, and resisting the burgeoning police state.