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Post Carrier Accused of Warning Customer About 'Mail Cover' Surveillance

Yup; big shock. I assume I'm on every possible list. My response? -- and I'm not a particularly brave person, believe me -- fuck these people; I'm doing what I want. A good chunk of my family didn't die in concentration camps in WWII so that I could limit my rights out of fear. So, to emphasize: Dear Government: Go fuck yourself.

Toxic Garbage Island

Comes highly recommended by Sustainable Dave; click the title to see it. Nothing beats seeing what you, me, and everyone else is doing to the planet every single day. Some "bad" language, which is far more obscene than the pollution described herein. Of course.
Before this trip, I was never all that crazy about the ocean. I’ve always appreciated the fact that it generates the majority of the world’s oxygen and keeps us nice and far from places like Britain, but in terms of any sort of awe or “respect” it just never happened. I would say I looked at it less as the primeval womb of all terrestrial life than as an excessive amount of water you sometimes have to fly over.

Part and parcel with this was my attitude toward the Pacific Garbage Patch, or as we willfully misidentified it for the duration of our journey, the elusive Garbage Island. All the journalism I’d read about the patch had carefully danced around physical descriptions of the trash, leading myself and the rest of th… Follows Up on Pentagon Propaganda Story....

From an e-mail from Free Press: sign up here!
Why Big Media Is Mum About Its Propaganda HabitBig surprise -- the American people are taking it upon themselves to stop pro-war propaganda in the news, and the corporate media aren't reporting on it.Timothy Karr and Megan Tady, Huffington Post

White House Blacklist Breakthrough: Online Media Team Up for Free Press VictoryWhite House Press Secretary Dana Perino [a talking haircut if ever there was one -- Doug] finally called on a blogger who she had blacklisted, but cut the press conference short when he asked about the Pentagon pundit scandal. Eric Brewer, Raw Story
Shameful Days: Why Won't the Media Pursue the Pentagon Propaganda Scandal?It only stands to reason that a story as explosive as the Pentagon military analyst payola story would quickly become the subject of extensive follow-ups by TV and print journalists, and endless debate on the political talk shows, right? Wrong.Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
Putting the Pentagon …

Reverend Jeremiah Wright at the National Press Club

Judge for yourself. Made perfect sense to me, FWIW, with the exception of the AIDS-CIA conspiracy thing, which, if you've paid attention to the black medical experience in the US (part of my graduate training in history of science and medicine), Wright was actually trying to explain. And, yes, the US gov't, and any other, is capable of such acts. Not to realize that is to remain a child (to paraphrase Cicero on the importance of history). Did the US create AIDS? Of course not. Not Wright's point, and if Wright believes that, well, OK: he's wrong. But I don't think that was his point. As far as 9/11 goes -- yes, kiddies, your fellow kid knows what you all do: we commit terror all the time. Michael Scheuer, a total rightwinger, has said as much. Don't see anyone going after him.

And he was pretty goddamn funny, too. Made mincemeat of that idiot asking the questions afterwards (proxy, I know, but still an idiot). The list of questions he got were beyond awful: our …

Following Acquittal of NYPD Officers in Sean Bell Killing, Advocates Call for Special Prosecutor in Police Brutality Cases

Another triumph of justice. Oh, yes, we need to move "beyond" race and the "excesses" of the 1960s. Just shut up and get shot -- but do try to die politely, and without anger. You wouldn't want to be divisive, now, would you?

I agree with Sharpton: shut the whole fucking city down; this is a travesty, and not a unique one.

Let's see whether the elite media explodes with the same righteous fury it displayed about Pastor Wright. Anyone care to take a bet?

Scott Ritter: By Releasing Intel, U.S. Endorses Israel's Illegal Bombing of Alleged Syrian Nuke Site

If there is anyone in this country who still buys any feculent chunk, however small, of this administration's endless stream of bullshit, I pity him (or her).

Meanwhile, look for the US to jump off "allege" and strike Iran this year. I'm sure Saint Obama will risk everything to stand up against it, too. Yeah, right.

This entire fiasco is more proof, as if any more was required, that "we" don't need to follow the rule of law, due to our innate goodness and selfless interest in World Peace. Israel -- a.k.a., the pit bull we keep chained up out back -- is also innately good, by definition. The rule of law is for bad people, and bad nations, who need laws to restrain them, not for We, the Chosen.

This is not just the Bush doctrine; it is the doctrine of all power centers all over the planet. It's just that we have the most power now, and are thus the most dangerous. For now. Reacting to this utterly predictable garbage with some "innatist" notion…